Moving Tips – FAQ

Here are some of the most common questions we are asked. If you don’t see an answer to your question feel free to contact us with any inquiries.

Currently we accept cash, checks, and credit cards.

Yes! we are licensed and insured to move anywhere in the US. From Maine to California, we’ll be there.

We’ll happily provide loading and/or unloading services, just bring your truck.

We do not require down payments or deposits for local moves. Long distance moves require a 50% deposit.

Along with traditional moving and storage services, we also provide delivery services, assemble furniture, move large items and more.

Yes, we do binding for long distance moving estimates. Contact us for more information

Being Ready

Moving Tips

  • Tape boxes top and bottom
  • Labeled boxes are great! Clearly label them for their content and handling (e.g.: fragile/ Top Load Only!).
  • Towels and linens make excellent packing materials for fragile items.
  • Use closet space to store packed boxes.
    If you are moving into storage, get your storage unit in advance. If you have antiques, you may want to reserve a climate controlled storage unit.
  • Rent your truck, if you need one, as early as possible. And don’t forget that if we are loading up your truck to also rent plenty of moving blankets (about 2 blankets per item).
  • Cloth items can be left in drawers.
  • Bundle garden tools, fishing poles and the like together.
  • When packing breakables use a lot of newsprint, bubble wrap and other packing materials. Remember you can never use too much.
  • Use linens or blankets for wrapping mirrors, pictures and such. Stage coolers on top of the fridge/freezer, for when they have to be emptied for moving day.
  • Always move cash, jewelry, or other precious items yourself.
  • Empty lateral file cabinets.
  • Movers should not move any flammable materials such as gas, propane, ammo, etc.
  • Pack a box of cleaning supplies and keep it under the sink so it doesn’t get moved.
  • Arrange all transfer of utilities well in advance. You might think about leaving your phone connected until the moving date so we still can contact you if we have to.
  • Your change of address info is available at no charge at your local post office.
  • In an apartment or condo situation, save space for the moving van by blocking a space with your car overnight.
    Pack things you will need right away (clothes, toiletries, phone, keys, current bills, important papers, et cetera…) and move these yourself.
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